Spirit of America Rally – February 27, 2017

at Offutt Air Force Base


KETV video: http://ketv.com/article/pro-trump-demonstrators-wave-signs-outside-offutt-afb/8986834?src=app


Jaramillo said the group wants to counter anti-Trump rallies happening across America. They want to make sure the public knows that there are people who agree with President Donald Trump and what he stands for.

Jaramillo specifically named bringing jobs to the United States, building the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and immigration.

“I’m Hispanic. My family came here in 1665 from Spain got land from the king of Spain. We came in the right way,” said Jaramillo.

Jaramillo said this will be the first of many meetings. He expects the number of participants to grow. The group wants to distract from the number of protesters on the opposite side of the aisle.

Additional videos: IMG_0336.MOV

Offutt Air Force Base
Spirit of America
God Bless America
Trump's Nebraska Patriots
Rejoice - MAGA
Rallying for 1st Responders
Make America Great Again!
Trump Supporters
Waving to the cars
This was the first of three Spirit of America rallies for President Trump and All First Responders - MAGA