Spirit of America Rally – March 4, 2017

at Jerzes Sports Bar


This was published in the Omaha World Herald newspaper:  In Papillion, about 50 people gathered around a tent set up in front of Jerzes Sports Bar near Highway 370.

Marty Jaramillo, president of Nebraska Patriots for Trump, said the turnout was better than expected.

“We are here because the results of the election just aren’t being accepted by some people,” he said. “(Trump) didn’t always say the right things, but he’s doing the right things.”

Jaramillo said he hopes Trump is encouraged by the rallies held nationwide.

“It’s so wonderful to be able to come together with a positive message that despite what you may hear, many people do love our president.”


This was the second of three Spirit of America rallies for President Trump and All First Responders - MAGA
President Trump MAGA
God Bless President Trump
Patriots Shaking Hands
Listening to Patriot Music
NPFT Musician
Showing USA Colors
One of NPFT Speakers
Singing National Anthem
Support Posters
March 4 Trump Rally
Patriots Waving
Serving Our Country
Trump Pence Banners
Patriot for President Trump
Listening to Music