From Taylor Royal’s Facebook Page:


“To God be the glory always.

I am humbled by the energy, passion, and support of many Nebraskans across our great State. Although this was not the desired outcome that so many of us worked so hard for — I am confident in our future.

I especially want to thank my wife, family, campaign team, Mayor Jean Stothert, the Nebraska Patriots for Trump, and all the volunteers who were faithful advocates throughout this journey. I am forever grateful.

I will be praying for our leaders, especially our next State Treasurer John Murante. I am confident that he will steward Nebraska taxpayer dollars well and improve many of the functions in the Treasurer’s office.

As for me, I look forward to serving in my church, community, and helping Conservatives across Nebraska. I will continue to advocate for the Conservative and Nebraska values that many of us hold dear: dignity, value, and protection for the unborn; efficiency in government; lower taxes; and our Constitutional rights.

Thank you,
Taylor Royal”