Rally Will Be INSIDE of Bar




On December 10th, 2018 …Nebraska Patriots for TRUMP had their Christmas Party. The camaraderie was wonderful. It was a “very jolly” time.

 See the pictures under gallery.


Nebraska Patriots for TRUMP held their Christmas Party on December 10, 2017. The camaraderie was wonderful.  It was a “jolly good time” by all. Pictures from our party are shown under Gallery – Christmas Party 2017.


Trump supporter wants his voice heard, counter to liberal rallies. By Tess WIlliams – Lincoln Journal Star July 29, 2017



BELLEVUE — For veteran Marty Jaramillo, it began when he was seated just a few feet away from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in January 2016.

Ushered into a Drake University auditorium early alongside 24 other disabled veterans, the Bellevue resident felt he was well-treated by campaign staff. They even gave him a free Trump T-shirt.

Jaramillo, who served in the Air Force 41 years, listened intently to Trump, who held the rally to honor veterans instead of attending another GOP debate following a publicized feud with co-moderator Megyn Kelly.

“You veterans are amazing people, brave beyond comprehension,” Trump told the crowd.

Chants of “U-S-A!” broke out, silenced by a sea of applause or Trump’s voice.

The rally cemented Jaramillo’s support for the future president.

Confident a businessman would revive the economy, that a wall would keep out drug dealers, and that Trump cared about the working class because he “could not be bought,” Jaramillo turned his passion into action.

Never before politically active, Jaramillo joined the Nebraska Patriots for Trump group and launched the Trump campaign office in Omaha.

When the infamous audiotape of Trump saying he grabs women by their genitals was released three weeks before the election, Jaramillo was undeterred.

“To date, there hasn’t been one president — not even Ronald Reagan — that I agreed with on everything,” he said.

He made a bet with a friend and won; Trump was elected president.

After the inauguration, Jaramillo felt uneasy about the increase in protests and rallies he felt created hatred toward the president. Trump supporters are personally attacked and labeled racists, bigots and fascists, he said.

As a counter to liberal protests, he organized two pro-Trump rallies this year.

“We would’ve never had a rally had the other side just accepted things,” Jaramillo said.

On Feb. 27, around 15-17 people gathered at Offutt Air Force Base, where Jaramillo spent the last portion of his career, at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The group held signs in support of military, first responders and Trump.

On March 4, he hosted a slightly bigger rally outside Jerzes Bar and Grill in Papillion.

Two counter-protesters showed up, but Jaramillo said they kept an appropriate distance. When a news crew showed up, fellow Trump supporters booed them for approaching the counter-protesters.

Jaramillo said he was quick to speak up.

“They have a right to have their word heard just as much as we have a right to have our word heard.”

Jaramillo also attended the Make America Great Again rally in Omaha on March 25.

Six months into the presidency, Jaramillo is pleased with how Trump is doing.

Every couple of months, he meets with members of the Nebraska Patriots for Trump group.

They chat about the presidency and discuss future rallies, which they coordinate with a national group — Spirit of America — so the events fall on the same day across the country.

Jaramillo hopes to organize more rallies and dreams that one day, President Trump will stop by to greet his loyal supporters, like he’s done at other Spirit of America events.

“It’s great to see that he did that because he recognized the American people are supporting him,” Jaramillo said.