Mission Statement


We are the Nebraska Patriots for TRUMP. We were very concerned with the direction our country had been heading in prior to the election of President Donald Trump.  Our goal is to ensure conservative values, are once again, the cornerstone for which our country was built on.  We strongly support President Donald Trump in his effort to put America First.  We are a diverse group of Trump volunteers that want our nation to fulfill its potential, as the greatest nation!

There was a spontaneous uprising of Grassroots Activists throughout the United States who voted for President Donald Trump. Our mission is to support President Donald Trump and to find candidates who support his agenda. We firmly believe, that each of us holds the power to positively influence change through the support of conservative candidates for public office in all levels of government.  We believe, that a well-educated and informed public is critical for the proper functioning of the electorate.  We will exercise our power through elected representatives and hold those representatives accountable.